Sunday, 3 August 2014

Run, kick, swim & fun!

Hi there, my dear readers!

Long time no blog, I know.. I can see that my previous post here is from the Vienna City Marathon, I am sorry for those who were waiting for updates from my side and thought I got myself lost somewhere outside of the Blogosphere :)

It's not that I have ceased running, swimming or going to competitions, I was busy with work and different activities and didn't find time and inspiration to talk about them. My desire to write again came back after reading one particular Expat Eye blog, but more on this later :)

So here's an update of my sports activities over the past months:
  • May: 10 km of dirty fun at XCross Run at Vienna Donauinsel.. what does it mean? Take a look:
  • Muddy Mihh
  • June: 2 soccer competitions with Team Accenture Austria:
  • Team Austria
    • Ute Bock Cup - local charity competition in Vienna, which our team won! :)
    • EuroSoccer Amsterdam: each year, our company organizes an European soccer competition. This year we were 18 teams of 16 players (11 + 5) and played on the training fields of Ajax Amsterdam. At the end of the tournament our team ranked #5, which is the best ever for Team Austria! Congrats to us!
  • I also ran 14 km in June with my Brother-in-law Alex through the wildness of Berlin in a hot Sunday (35 C)
  • Brothers-In-Run :)
  • And now the Big News: I ran my first Ultramarathon!! 56 km on the trails of Salzburgland with 1300 m elevation gain. Wonderful race, wonderful weather, wonderful landscape: it's Mozart100!! Many thanks to my relay team mate Oana who ran the first 45 km so that I could start my 55-56! :)
  • Details:
    Running or flying? It's an Ultra, you never know ;)
  • Of course I went swimming at a local pool now and then and enjoyed watching the beautiful Vienna from above (the swimming pool is on one of the hills with a nice view) and discovered new trail routes!




  1. How nice to ride a bike in Vienna!
    But you have to get some protection, especialy helmet, as you had it in Bonn (and your sister too!). Congratulation for all yours performances, begenning with that strange ultramarathon. I think that you can try now to fly.

    1. Yes, I will remember that for the next time!
      Thank you! :)