Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Being a cool guy... or not?

Living in a big city in the middle of Europe with a lot of cultures and nationalities mixing up day by day on its streets it's an interesting experience. It surely helps open our minds and see that our mentality which seems normal to us is maybe not the best in every situation.

People who live in Vienna have different needs. It is not one of the most expensive cities, but not a cheap one for sure. There are people who beg on the streets or don't afford a decent life here, but that is also normal for a big city.

Other ones raise money for charity or for helping different NGOs. I am not discussing now the morality of helping people or organizations, because this is rather a controversial subject. I'd better tell what happens to me sometimes when I walk on the streets.

One day, I was just coming out from a store in the city center wearing my office suit. Two or three girls stopped me and then one of them started telling me about the environmental organization she is being part of and how are they going to improve the quality of life for all of us. I won't give more details about this NGO as is it not the purpose of my blog, I can just tell you that I have verified their website and it's real and they're doing what the girl told me about. The girl was of course trying to convince me to donate for their organization. Our dialogue went something like this:

Me: Well you saw me in a suit and you thought I have money, that's why you stopped me! :)
NGO girl: No actually people in suits usually don't stop. You look like a cool guy, that's why I stopped you. And you stopped and talked to me because you're a cool guy ;)
Me: Actually, there were 3 of you coming to me at the same time to me so I stopped because I was surprised :))

Of course, she was just teasing me with compliments to convince me to donate. I am not saying it is good or bad what she was doing. It is a good cause after all. These kind of things just make me think about social interaction and how we act based on our purposes.

The main question that pops into my mind is: if you really think that I am such a cool guy (no matter if I'm wearing a suit or not), why don't you stop me just to have a talk and invite me to have a drink.. instead of asking me to donate money? (I'll pay for the drinks, haha don't worry about that!) Is it so difficult? I'm a cool guy, so going for a drink won't be a waste of time, right? ;)

Cool guy
Same cool guy
There are also people who try to sell you free newspapers to help them because they are poor. If I refuse to stop, they still shout at me asking for some money.

All these happenings come with some consequences from my side. 
The other day, a man with a notebook in his hand was approaching me and I immediately thought he was one of the guys that make you sign on their list to donate money for some charity purpose. My reaction was "No! No!" even before he started talking to me, so he thought I was rude to him and screamed something. But then he left and stopped another man. I don't know what he actually wanted. Maybe I was rude and he was just asking for some information. But that happens after I get constantly stopped by people wanting money from me!

Moreover.. if one day a girl actually stops me on the street and says to me that I seem to be a cool guy and she asks me to go for a drink, the first question that will pop into my head would be: Yeah, sure!.. How much money do you want?! 

But maybe I won't say this and prove that I actually am a cool guy ;)



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  1. I think that the first image you published ("Cool guy") is very impressive, but the second ("Same cool guy") it's more appropriate to you! Did you get it?