Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back on the bike!

Breaking News!!!

After more than 5 years, last Friday I rented a bike and went on a night city tour through Vienna!!
Many thanks to the organizers of Friday Nightskating and to CityBike, they made it possible for me. Thanks to me for going out, being able to rent some bikes with CityBike (this was a challenge, too!) and for taking some photos:

The ride would have been perfect if I hadn't left some skin on the Ringstrasse boulevard, after a strong brake on the front wheel which practically catapulted me in a spectacular way over the bike! I'm ok (if you are worrying), I am feeling just some knee and elbow pains. And no, I had no protection, no helmet, as the decision to go out and ride the bike with the group was spontaneous.

Anyway, lesson learned (once again!): Better safe than sorry!

At the end of the night, a good beer with a friend and Vienna's very good night public transport system completed the day! Oh, and the RICE treatment for my knee!

Today I felt better and I could perform a slow run with some intervals for about an hour. Unplanned, unexpected, but nice run! :)


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