Friday, 11 October 2013

Bucharest International Marathon.. again!!

I didn't plan to, I didn't want to, I didn't even train for it.. but I participated once again at the Bucharest International Marathon event! I've never missed any edition since 2008! :)

The event took place in the centre of Bucharest on Sunday, the 6th of October. I decided to participate only on Thursday evening, when I received an SMS notifying me that the Piatra Craiului Marathon (mountain marathon) where I was supposed to run on Saturday was cancelled due to unrealiable conditions. :( Disappointing news for me! Earlier on Thursday, my colleague George told me that he was participating in the Relay at Bucharest, but his team missed one member. So I called him and told him that I was available.

Here we go. On Sunday morning, I was again in Piata Constitutiei of Bucharest, I missed as usual the Ro Club Maraton group photo and I waited for my turn to run. It was my first participation in a Relay at this event, so at least it wasn't boring for me. Each of the 4 members of our team had to run 10.5 km. I was the second one to run, so I waited for Andreea, our first team mate. She finished her lap in around 55' and gave me her timing chip. Then I started running and had a good pace at start, but after 7 km I slowed down a bit. The weather was fine for me: sunny with around 10 C. I finished in 45', then gave the chip to Adrian and went to rest and talk to people about the race. After almost 50' it was George's turn to run and he finished our relay with a total time of 3h22'. It was a good result and we placed on the 27th position of 361 teams, so we were very happy about it and went after that to celebrate our run in the town centre.

What about Maratonul Piatra Craiului? The organizers proposed to set it on the 2nd of November! Will the snow be gone by then? Wait and See!


  1. That's OK! In Bucharest it will never be such a bad time to cancell a marathon! Go Mihnea, go to Piatra Craiului, to find something enough interesting to worth to run!

    1. Yes, it will be held on 2nd of November and I want to go!