Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Transmaraton 2013

Transmaraton - The best in you - The best road in the world (some used to say).. what a good place to see, to enjoy, to drive, to ride!.. so what a perfect place to RUN!

I can tell it was one of the most beautiful races I've ever participated in. Even though I competed only in the smallest race of the 3 - the Halfmarathon (21 km), I can assure you it was harder than other previous longer races! But the most important thing for me was to achieve my fundraising target and to finish the race.

The fundraising target went very close to achievement thanks to an event organized by me at the office, on Thursday the 29th of August: Transmaraton Drinks Day. With the help of some of my colleagues, I prepared with my Juicer and my Blender natural smoothies, shakes and freshes. I gave names to 3 of them:

  • Transmaraton Smoothie: pear + banana + lemon
  • Energy 21 km Shake: melon + watermelon
  • Marathoner's isotonic: lemonade + grapefruit

It was a hard working day in the kitchen because we had a lot of fruit to prepare, but my colleagues enjoyed most of the drinks and the fundraising event was a real success! My target is very close to 100% now :)

After this event I went on a long road trip through Greece. It was beautiful but very tiring and energy consuming, with not enough time to relax and very little time to run. In fact, in the past 3 weeks I've run no more than 5 km overall. Very bad, too few for a halfmarathon in the mountains! Anyway I had no other option, I am not the kind of runner who gives up before starting the race so everything had to proceed according to the initial plan.

I came back in Bucharest on Friday the 6th and the next day I took my colleagues George, Andrei and Mihaela to Transfagarasan. Some of the ultramarathoners were still running when we arrived in the area so we could cheer them up for the last kilometers. You are all great, 4-times greater than us halfmarathoners :D I've spent the night in a tent, where it was soo cooold! Thanks to the sleeping bag which kept me warm! :) The next day I woke up early and watched the start of another race - Ultra Trail Fagaras - at 7:40 AM. Then at 8 AM I recorded the start of the Marathon:

Then there was a bus which took us halfmarathoners to our start at Balea Cascada (waterfall). It was getting warmer so I could run in a T-shirt. I chose to thank to all my supporters by putting labels with their names on the back of my T-shirt:

At 10 AM we started and we ran higher and higher for almost 14 km! The total elevation gain was of 1000 m and for me it was way more difficult than I was prepared for. I started with a good pace of less than 6 min/km, but I was slowly decreasing it and after 12 km of uphill running my knee was hurting and I had to stop and start walking. A lot of runners were better prepared than me, but I didn't give up! The landscape was breathtaking anyway, there were cars, people and photographers which increased my optimism, so I finished this hard climb and took a break at the refreshment point. After this I started running faster through the tunnel and then I continued with the downhill until the finish. I confirmed myself that I am better on flat distances or downhill and bad trained for uphills. Of course, more training would have been very useful, but it's good for me that I finished the race in a happy mood and then got a well deserved massage for my legs.
I finished in 2h11' on the 19th place out of 70 male finishers. My colleague Andrei who came with me made a great race and ended up on the 2nd place, after only a few months since he started running and coming to competitions! Results
The fundraising period is not over yet, my target is very close to 100% now. My page will still be available for donations until the end of September: 
Many thanks to all and I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Maybe it will convince some of you to come to Transfagarasan and run here too. ;)
More photos on my album: 


  1. Because I'm too old to run like you, I have to find another way to win medals like you! I can't tell you what I did, but I won it yesterday (10.09.2013) in Salzburg.
    Because I can't paste it in this commentary, I'l sent it to you via skype! You can try, if you want, to paste it here!