Thursday, 8 August 2013

My latest summer runs

After a short but deserved holiday in Berlin, where I took a break from work and from running, I returned to Bucharest with a lot of mood for running and swimming. Facebook was a real help as usual, because I found a lot of interesting running events (4 in 8 days) in Bucharest in a short period of time and decided to take part of them:

Time Trial Running 9 (Wednesday, 31.07, 6:30 AM): It was the 9th stage of a friendly event held usually in Tineretului Park. The point is to run 2 park laps (5.7 km) as fast as possible. Since the summer is hot in Bucharest, the organizers decided to put the start at 6:30 AM. After a few hours of sleep that night, at 5 AM I woke up and one hour later I was already in the park, being a little curious who else managed to wake up that early and come to TTR. Surprinsigly we were at least 20 people, so the race was interesting. Each one of us started at every 15 seconds. I may have started too fast at a pace of 3:00 - 3:30 / km, because at the second lap I was slowing down to 4:30  / km. Anyway it was nice but I finished really exhausted. Final time: 23:46.


Nike NightRun (Thursday, 01.08, 10:00 PM): Nike decided to organize a night run in Carol Park. We ran 3 park laps (5.2 km). It was not a competitive race, but most of us still were pushing above our comfort level. I think we were more than 50 runners. The people in the park were really surprised and kept asking us if there were more of us. I finished in 23:10.

ProSport Bucharest MidNight Run (Saturday, 03.08, 10:00 PM): The first ever running competition on the Basarab Bridge in Bucharest. In the night, too. It was really nice for me to run again on this bridge were passengers are not allowed. Hmm.. so why again? Did I just admit that I broke the law? :) Don't worry, just read this post: 
The race started at the parking place of Carrefour Orhideea and was divided in 2 sub-races: 5 km and 10 km. I participated at the 10 km course, which implied running 2 laps on the Basarab Bridge between Nicolae Titulescu Str. and Grozavesti Str. The temperature at race time was of about 25 degrees C. I managed to deal with it but it was good that there were refreshment points with water on the route. I finished the race in 43:36 on 27th place of 199 for my category of age - M15-35. I think I could have run faster than that, even if I was fast enough to be blurred out in this picture:

Romniceanu Stairs Run (Wednesday, 07.08, 8:00 PM): This event is a friendly competitional race held once in 2 weeks in Romniceanu Park of Bucharest. This little park has the property to be built on a hill, so there is some elevation gain. There are a lot of stairs and slopes so that the route of this race takes 1.6 km. There are 4 laps and the time limit is 50 minutes. I ran for the first time in my life there and it was a new experience for me. Those stairs which I climbed and descended were uneven and not friendly and we all needed a lot of water to hydrate ourselves during and after the event. I think I finished in a good time for my first participation: 31:35. It is the 15th all-time record of 63, 6 minutes slower than the best. You can see all the results on the race page:

I hope to find and participate to other running events which are very good for my training for the Half Marathon race of Transmaraton on the 8th of September. Please support me with a donation on my page 
Thanks and I will try to keep you updated as usual!

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