Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Petrom Bucharest International Half Marathon 2013

Hello, my adorable readers! I told you in my blog post about my half marathon in Cluj that I was following a training program for finishing the 21 km in 1h33' on May 19th using the MyAsics coach. I think you all are curious what happened, after I finished in 1h31' at Cluj and then at Maratonul Regal I set a new Personal Record of 1h29'! Well, this time I failed!

It was too hot on the 19th of May Half Marathon! We had a sunny day with more than 25 C, too hot for a performance on long distances indeed.. Of course, I have some friends which improved their Personal Bests and I congratulate them! I started with the idea to chase the 1h30' pacemakers. At 9:30 AM the weather was pleasant and I was able to run at a 4:10 / km pace. Unfortunately, after 10 km my fuel was down and I started slowing down. After 15 km it was even worse, because I had no motivation to push my limits. My head was burning, I was sweating continuously and hydrating at the refreshment points was not enough for me. I even lost 2 kg during that race! The only joy I had from that run was seeing my friends who came to run, to support me or to take pictures and of course to see them happy finishing their race! Oh.. and some Italian ice cream at the end made my day! ;)

Results: I finished 69th of 1290 finishers of 1341 participants in 1h36'52" real time. My Garmin watch showed a total length of 21.5 km and other running watches agreed with it. Looks like I was not the only one having problems with the heat :)

There is only one lesson to learn from this experience: I have to shave my beard before the race!

(Atletika Ro)

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