Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Night Run 2012

I don't usually celebrate Halloween, even if I consider it a nice celebration, because I like the idea of partying being costumed, carving pumpkins and receiving sweets. :) This celebration has nothing to do with Romania, it was imported just like Valentine's Day, which I sincerely hate (I've celebrated it only when the circumstances forced me to, but these are other stories).

This year I found out about the night running event organized by Nike Running Romania and I decided to take part. Of course, I didn't have a costume, but I bought myself a scary mask and used my black rain cape to cover myself so I cannot be recognized. The organizers recommended us to come with a carved pumpkin and some sweets. I haven't found a big flat pumpkin made for this purpose, but even a smaller one was good to go. 

Since it was on Wednesday, I had to stay longer at work to carve the pumpkin. I've found a pumpkin pattern on the Internet, printed it on paper and with the help of a colleague, was able to carve the pumpkin into a nice Jack-o'-lantern:


Unfortunately, it was 9:30 PM and I had to be at the meeting place in Carol I Park at 10 PM and was 10 minutes late because I had to stop to a shop to buy candles for my lantern. When I arrived at the meeting, the ~100 runners were warming up and preparing to start. I had only my running shoes of my usual running equipment. I prepared my pumpkin and my sweets and gave them to the organizers, who told me the race already started, so I had to hurry up to catch up with the group. The good thing was that I could catch and scary some runners because they weren't expecting me to come from behind! Booohooooo!!!!

It was my first race dressed in a "civilian zombie": running shoes, jeans, T-shirt, leather jacket, rain cape and of course, the mask! Even if outside it was pretty cold (under 10 degrees), I was too much dressed. I was able to catch the group and finished the 2 park laps (about 4 km) in 18-19 minutes, which was very good for me, given the circumstances. The organizers gave us water and Rom chocolate and we made some final stretching exercises before going home.

Thank you Nike for another nice running event! In my opinion, Nike is the most dedicated sports brand to the amateur runners. They organize each Saturday morning a group run in Herastrau Park, which started last year. I've talked about it on this blog at Nike Running Trail.

See you at the next cool running events!


  1. Congrats for the night run in a scary costume! I think it was fun. I would have liked to see you running or maybe to participate myself. (I´m no fan of Valentine´s Day either :).)

    1. Thank you! This time running was only for fun :)