Friday, 6 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question

In order to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games and with the hope to attract your interest to the London Olympic events, I will try to post everyday from now a question about the Games. The questions will be mostly sports-related, regarding athletes, teams, records and so on.
I will give my prediction and will update every blog post with the result when the time comes. If you want to give your own prediction and see if yours is better than mine, then please add a comment with your answer.

Today's question is:
Who will win the Athletics 100 m final?
An useful video which can help providing a good answer is the Jamaican Olympic trial, which chose the 3 Jamaicans which will compete at the 100 m event:
Yohan Blake won the trial by finishing in 9.75, beating Usain Bolt (9.86) and Asafa Powell (9.88). Yohan Blake is the current 100 m World Champion, winning last year at Daegu, after Bolt was disqualified for a false start. Blake seems to be in great shape, but Bolt knows how to win an Olympic gold medal. Maybe he learned from the last world championships to stay more concentrated before the start. On the other side, Asafa Powell can be seen in the above video to lead most part of the race. Will he improve his performance at London and maybe lead the race until the finish line? What about the other competitors? Tyson Gay (USA) has a PB of 9.69 and this year a season best of 9.90 and can be seen as a valuable competitor. The Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre is the European leader in this race. He declared not to be prepared for the win now, but I think he can win the bronze medal, if he makes a perfect start. Other competitors like Kim Collins (SKN) are out of the question, in my opinion.
My today's prediction is: Usain Bolt. Blake will come in second place and Lemaitre third. I wish we will see a great race and maybe a surprise, too. What do you think?

Final: Sunday, 05.08, 9:50 PM GMT


  1. Current answers: Tibi Stanescu (Google+): Usain Bolt

  2. Andrei Rosu (Facebook): Usain Bolt

  3. Usain Bolt won with Olympic Record: 9.63 s. Yohan Blake came second with 9.75 and Justin Gatlin (USA) third with 9.79.