Thursday, 12 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question (7)

Today again about Gymnastics - Artistic:

Who will win the Men's team final?

If yesterday I said that Romania is my favorite at winning the team final, today I must be less subjective about Romania's men team. It's not that I don't appreciate our boys, but they don't seem to be in the best shape this season. At the European Gymnastics Championships held in Montpellier in May this year, the team took the Bronze medal. The winner were Great Britain (photo), followed by Russia. The Britains won the highest scores at Pommel Horse, Vault and Parallel Bars, while the Russians were the best at Floor, Rings and Horizontal Bar. Romania won the Gold medal at Vault with Flavius Koczi.
The things were totally different last year in Tokyo at the World Championships. China, Japan and USA were the first three teams, with the Chinese being the best at Pommel Horse and Horizontal Bar, the Japanese at Rings, Vault and Parallel Bars and the Americans the best at Floor. As you can see, the competition was very tough and the three scores were between 273.083 (USA) and 275.161 (China). Russia ranked 4th and Romania 8th.

China, Japan and USA is sending the same team as in 2011. Great Britain will compete at home, in front of a lot of spectators. Will they be able to compete at the highest possible level and produce a big surprise? Well, that's another question, but my answer for today will give the answer for it: I say this year it will be Japan, with China coming in second place and Great Britain in third place.. or maybe Romania will take the Bronze medal. We'll see! Good luck to all oft them!

Final: Monday, 30.07, 4:30 PM GMT

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  1. I was very close with my predictions, but the order was different. Results:
    1. China: 275.997 p
    2. Japan: 271.952 p
    3. Great Britain: 271.711 p