Wednesday, 11 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question (6)

The question of today is about Gymnastics - Artistic:

Who will win the Women's team final?

At the former World Championships held last year in Tokyo, USA took the Gold medal, Russia the silver and China the bronze. The American girls were the best at 2 of the 4 apparatus: Vault and Floor. The Chinese had a higher overall score at Uneven Bars and Romania was the best at Balance Beam. There was no medal for Romania at all at these World Championships, a sad fact to take into consideration before London.

At the past Olympic Games held in Beijing, China came in first place, then USA and Romania, with Russia on the fourth place. China was the best at Uneven Bars and Floor and USA at the other 2 apparatus.

At these Olympics all the teams seem to be stronger than ever. USA will send the World Individual All-around champion Jordyn Wieber, along with good athletes as Gabrielle Douglas, McKayla Maroney (2011 world Vault champion), Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross. They seem to be the favourites to win the team Gold medal, but they fear their historical rivals: China, Russia and Romania. China will send a young team as always, with the focus on Huang Qiushuang and He Kexin, the little girl which was officially 16 years old in 2008 (but looked much younger) and won at the Uneven Bars individual contest.

Romania beat Russia this year in May at the European Championships, with Italy coming in third place. Our girls had the highest scores at Vault, Balance Beam and Floor, with Russia being better only at the Uneven Bars. Larisa Iordache, Cătălina Ponor and Sandra Izbaşa were the best Romanian performers at these championships, each of them being able to win a Gold individual medal at Floor, Balance Beam and Vault, respectively. The other 2 members were Diana Bulimar and Ralica Haidu. The same team is going to compete at London, with the exception of Raluca Haidu, which was replaced by Diana Chelaru. Amelia Raicea is a substitute.

Even if the competition will be very tough and every little mistake will count, I hope the best team will win and for me the best all-time gymnastics team is... yes, you've guessed it: Romania! That's my answer for today. Good luck girls!

Final: Tuesday, 31.07, 4:30 PM GMT

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  1. Romania won the Bronze medal. The Gold was out of reach, maybe we could have taken the Silver if we didn't perform very bad at the Uneven Bars. Results:
    1. United States: 183.596 p
    2. Russia: 178.530 p
    3. Romania: 176.414 p