Friday, 27 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question (21)

Today is the last Olympic question, because the Opening Ceremony is less than 24 hours away. This time it's about the Men's combined Athletics Track & Field event:

Who will win the Decathlon event?

The Decathlon is maybe the hardest discipline of Athletics. The order of the ten event is: 100 m -> Long jump -> Shot put -> High jump -> 400 m -> 110 m hurdles -> Discus throw -> Pole vault -> Javelin throw -> 1500 m. As you can see, the athletes must compete in 4 Track, 3 Throw and 3 Jump event. The athlete with the highest overall score wins.

The current World Champion of Berlin 2009 and Daegu 2011 is Trey Hardee (USA - photo). At Berlin he set his PB of 8790 points, but has the potential to surpass the 9000 m target. The current Olympic champion Bryan Clay (USA) didn't qualify to the games after the USA Olympic trials.
An opponent for Hardee will be Leonel Suárez (CUB), Bronze medallist at Beijing and Daegu. Another is Ashton Eaton (USA), Silver medallist at Daegu.

My answer for today is: Trey Hardee. It looks to me that no one can currently beat him. Anyway, being involved in 10 events implies that a certain amount of luck is needed. You can be disqualified for a false start or for failing a throw event, for example. Anything is possible.


  • Wednesday, 08.08:
  1. 100 m: 10:10 AM GMT
  2. Long Jump: 11:10 AM GMT
  3. Shot Put: 12:50 PM GMT
  4. High Jump: 6:00 PM GMT
  5. 400 m: 9:30 PM GMT
  • Thursday, 09.08:
  1. 110 m Hurdles: 9:00 AM GMT
  2. Discus Throw: 9:55 AM GMT
  3. Pole Vault: 12:55 PM GMT
  4. Javelin Throw: 6:30 PM GMT
  5. 1500 m: 9:20 PM GMT

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  1. I was wrong. Ashton Eaton was the best! Congrats to him! Results:
    1. Ashton Eaton (USA): 8869 p
    2. Trey Hardee (USA): 8671 p
    3. Leonel Suarez (CUB): 8523 p