Wednesday, 25 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question (20)

Today I ask a question about a combined Athletics Track & Field discipline:

Who will win the Women's Heptathlon event?

Heptathlon is an interesting discipline. The Olympic order of the events is: 100 m hurdles -> High jump -> Shot Put -> 200 m -> Long jump -> Javelin throw -> 800 m. There are 2 days of competition. The athlete with the highest score wins.
Team GB will set the hopes on Jessica Ennis (photo), 2009 World Champion, 2010 European Champion and 2011 World Runner-up. She skipped the 2012 European championships of Helsinki to better prepare for the Olympics.
The 2011 World champion is Tatyana Chernova (RUS), who took Bronze at Beijing 2008. Germany will rely on Jennifer Oeser, 2nd at Berlin 2009, 3rd at Daegu 2011 and 11th at Beijing.
The one who will try to defend her Olympic title is Natalia Dobrynska (UKR), 4th at Berlin 2009 and 5th at Daegu 2011. The Beijing runner-up was Hyleas Fountain (USA).

My answer for today is: Jessica Ennis. As with other British athletes, competing at home makes her a favourite at the Gold medal, if she is hard enough to concentrate on each event and makes no mistakes. A surprise is always welcome, though.

  • Friday, 03.08: 
  1. 100 m hurdles: 10:05 AM GMT
  2. High Jump: 11:15 AM GMT
  3. Shot Put: 7:00 PM GMT
  4. 200 m: 8:45 PM GMT
  • Saturday, 04.08:
  1. Long Jump: 10:05 AM GMT
  2. Javelin Throw: 11:40 AM GMT
  3. 800 m: 8:35 PM GMT

1 comment:

  1. Yes, she did it!! She was unbeatable! I saw her performing on Friday evening at Shot Put and 200 m.
    1. Jessica Ennis (GBR): 6955 p
    2. Lilli Schwarzkopf (GER): 6649 p
    3. Tatyana Chernova (RUS): 6628 p