Tuesday, 24 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question (19)

Today I focus on another Athletics - Field competition:

Who will win the Men's Triple Jump event?

Triple Jump is an interesting discipline, consisting in a hop, a bound and a jump in the sand and originates from the Ancient Greece Olympics. The Men's World Record is of 18.29 m, still held by Jonathan Edwards (GBR). He retired in 2003.
First of all, I have to say that our national favourite Marian Oprea (photo) won't participate at the games. He suffered an injury last month at the Romanian National Athletics championships.

An important competitor who will be also missing is Teddy Tamgho (FRA), current holder of the Indoor World Record (17.92 m), due to an injury.  The current Olympic champion Nelson Évora (POR) won't participate for the same reason.
In this way, the chances are better for the current Daegu World champion Christian Taylor (USA), who won with 17.96 m. Philips Idowu (GBR) came in second place with 17.77. Will Claye (USA) took Bronze with 17.50. Another athlete to take into consideration is Fabrizio Donato (ITA) who won the 2012 European championships with 17.63 m, in front of Sheryf El-Sheryf (UKR) with 17.28 and Aliaksei Tsapik (BLR) with 16.97.

My answer for today is: Fabrizio Donato. I go with an Italian surprise this time.

Final: Thursday, 09.08, 7:20 PM GMT

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  1. It wasn't a bad choice for me, but the Italian came in 3rd place. Results:
    1. Christian Taylor (USA): 17.81 m
    2. Will Claye (USA): 17.62 m
    3. Fabrizio Donato (ITA): 17.48 m