Tuesday, 17 July 2012

[London 2012] Today's question (12)

New sport today: Diving! The question is:

Will China win all the Gold medals at the Women's Diving events?

There is no doubt that the Chinese are the best at the Diving discipline, both men and women. Today I am talking about the Women events. (As you may have noticed, I am alternating the questions about Women events with the ones about Men events every day)
There are 4 Women events scheduled for the Olympic games:

  • 3 m springboard: Guo Jingjing (CHN) won at Beijing with 415.35 points, followed by Julia Pakhalina (RUS) with 398.60 and Wu Minxia (CHN) with 389.95 p. At the Shanghai 2011 World Championships, Wu Minxia (photo) won with 380.85 p, He Zi (CHN) came in second place with 379.15 p and Jennifer Abel (CAN) in third place with 365.10 p. As we can see, Wu Minxia improved her performance and became world champion. The current European champion is Anna Lindberg (SWE), who won this year at Debrecen with 342.75 p, followed by Uschi Freitag (GER) with 321.40 p and Olena Fedorova (UKR) with 315.00 p. He Zi and Wu Minxia are coming to London again. One of them will win in my opinion.
  • 3 m synchronized springboard: At Beijing, China won again with Jingjing and Minxia, Russia came in second and Germany in third place. At Shanghai 2011, the order was: China, Canada, Australia. The current European champions are the Italians Tania Cagnotto and Francesca Dallapé, but it is hard for them to beat the Chinese divers.
  • 10 m platform: China took Gold and Bronze with Chen Ruolin and Wang Xin respectively, Émilie Heymans (CAN) being the one who interfered in the podium between the two. Chen Ruolin won again at Shanghai, followed by Hu Yadan (CHN) and Paola Espinosa (MEX). It is hard to make more than 400 p, but the Chinese can do it. For them nothing is perfect unless it's a 10. The current European champion, Yulia Prokopchuk (UKR), won with 321.55 p. I say China again.
  • 10 m synchronized platform: China first again with Chen Ruolin and Wang Xin, followed by Australia's Briony Cole and Melissa Wu and Paola Espinosa and Tatiana Ortiz from Mexico. At Shanghai, the order was: China, Australia, Germany, with almost 40 p difference between the first two. The Shanghai winners Wang Hao and Chen Ruolin are coming to London again.

My answer for today is: YesHowever, I would love to see a surprise in this competition, but China is the favourite for winning all the 4 Women's Gold medals.

Finals (in chronological order):

  • Sunday, 29.07, 3:00 PM:  3 m synchronized springboard
  • Tuesday, 31.07, 3:00 PM:  10 m synchronized platform
  • Sunday, 05.08, 7:00 PM:  3 m springboard
  • Thursday, 09.08, 7:00 PM:   10 m platform

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  1. Yes! China won all the Gold medals in the Women's events!
    Wu Minxia won at 3m Springboard, Chen Ruolin at 10m Platform, He Zi and Wu Minxia at Synchronised 3m Springboard and Chen Ruolin and Wang Hao at Synchronised 10m Platform.