Sunday, 11 September 2011

Nike running trail

Nike, the famous sports brand, known especially for its shoes, has a partnership with our club, Ro Club Maraton. They had the idea to promote their new models of running shoes by putting them under the Ro Club Maraton Test.
The test implied to select 10 male and 10 female members of our club, give them the pair of running shoes they preferred and let them run at least one tour of the park wearing them. The selection was made by subscribing to the forum. At the end there were almost 15 men and only 3 women, but it was ok for Nike to select all of them for the trial. The runners could choose from one of these models:

We went on Friday the 9th of September, 2011, at the Baneasa Shopping City mall to receive our running shoes. I got the Nike Dual Fusion ST2 pair, along with a T-shirt with "Nike Running Club Bucharest" inscription. They asked us to wear the shoes and the T-shirt the next day at the Herastrau Park trial run. We had the chance to talk and to ask some questions to a young female 100 and 200 meters sprinter, Andreea Ograzeanu. She won the youth european championships at the 100 m this year. Hopefully she will improve her performance and we'll watch her live the next year at the London Olympic Games.

The next day we all reunited in front of the Charles de Gaulle statue at the entrance of Herastrau Park. We made a group run around the big lake (almost 6 km), then we took some group pictures and some of us proceeded for the next tour, at a faster pace this time. I like my new running shoes, they are very smooth and comfortable and you can barely feel them in your legs. I think they are softer than the other ones I have.
I want to congratulate Nike for this initiative. It is a win-win promotion: they make great publicity for their new running shoe models and we got a free T-shirt and the shoes at a very good price! I hope other sports brands will make this kind of advertising too, because there is nothing to loose from it.


  1. Daca ai fost aceptat sa faci reclama pentru Nike, inseamna ca esti pe drumul cel bun! Adica cel mai bun!Eu as fi ales niste adidasi (adica nikedasi) care sa se asorteze cu tricoul. sau tu ai avut in vedere alte criterii?

  2. Nu mi-am ales eu perechea, ci organizatorii au ales pentru mine. Eu doar am zis ce marime am la pantofi si preferinta sa fie cu talpa cea mai rigida. Oricum imi place acest model. Tricoul nu este facut pentru alergare, asa ca nu va mai fi o problema asortarea cu Nike.

  3. Dar incaltarile ti-au ramas tie? Si Usain Bold tot la Nike facea reclama cand a batut recordul mondial prima data!

  4. Da, am platit pentru incaltari 50% din pretul din magazin! :)